Why Ski School is Worth It for Kids

Ski School for Kids

Skiing is an expensive pastime. It seems more expensive. Many families try to save money by skiing when they can and I don’t blame them. let’s try too! But there’s one area where you don’t really have to compromise: a ski school for your kids. This investment is worth it.

A few weeks ago my four-year-old son went skiing school for the first time. My eight-year-old daughter goes skiing school every season for about the same age. We have tried small and large resorts, but also larger group schools and private and semi-private lessons. I have never been told, however, why the ski school is so popular for our children and why it is so fruitful for other families with children.

Northstar California Resort Ski School

Last week we visited the resort where we mainly ski, Northstar California near Lake Tahoe (see the complete guide to skiing with kids at Northstar). Northstar gave the two children a day of their Ultimate 4 ski school We can share our family perspective and experience at the ski school.

Ultimate 4 Lessons is a unique innovation offered by several Vail-owned ski resorts. These are group lessons in ski schools that are not limited to more than 4 children, so they offer a more private experience.

As Northstar creates skill groups, U4 sometimes means your kids will have a teacher when no other kids are at the same level.

My daughter received private lessons on this trip and in recent seasons she has often been one of the two U4 class daughters.

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Why is a children’s ski school worthwhile?

1. Children learn to ski with the right technique

Children learn to ski with the right technique

If you are a parent of young children, you probably took a ski course in the early 90’s or maybe even earlier. Since then, ski technology has made good progress. Educational methods for children are also available.

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Even if you are a great skier (not me) you may not know everything that is designed to teach your kids the latest and greatest skiing techniques. Teachers are the school!

Once bad habits develop, it becomes difficult to abandon them. It is much better to start with the kids in a ski school so that they learn the right techniques first and don’t have to learn them because they are ready to tackle the steepest slopes. You should also carry the best ski boots in order to get premium enjoyment and balance while skiing.

2. The teachers know the mountain and the conditions

Two years ago we took my daughter to an unfamiliar ski resort, but we found she was beyond her means. She’s been a little scared ever since. The possibility of this happening in a ski school is the best you can imagine.

The ski instructors know the mountain better than both parents. The ski and chat with other nurses and instructors every day to receive real-time updates on changing conditions.

They put a lot less pressure on your children than they can. Ultimately, it will protect your child and build trust.

We found this experience invaluable on our recent trip to Northstar. With the drought and snow in the Sierra exposed this year (and very hot weather during our visit), my husband and I found that the run we checked last season this year was a different match.

Some of the light green hills were difficult to overcome basically because the snow was dull and heavy. Of course, the harder blues were generally clearer due to the quality assurance and less ski traffic.

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Our daughter’s ski instructor instinctively noticed the circumstances that made her nervous and set the program. As a result, she drove ideal races in conditions that she met with confidence.

Although my daughter never ran the toughest races she ever ran on this visit, we were thrilled to be able to ski where she can work on her uniform and fight in special conditions.

3. Children have fun

The ski school’s programs only cover climbing, climbing on a flying mat and returning. The teachers do their best to make the day fun.

4. Peer pressure is unbelievable

While teachers can do a lot (and certainly much more than parents can inspire), the ski school also has the added feature of having peers in the same group. Only a few children keep the whole group together.

A little peer pressure means the kids will test themselves and improve their skills, maybe even a little more in groups. Of course, the added feature of companions provides a fun social moment – it’s not just a contest!

5. Parents ski together

Last but not least, we discovered that ski school is worth our time and money not only for our children but also – a little selfish – for our parents. With busy lives and busy schedules, our partner and I are rarely childless.

We love skiing with the family and hope that in a few years when our children are older, this will be the ultimate destination. But now we like some adult time too. Our children’s ski school makes it possible.

On a recent trip, my husband and I were able to have lunch in a less crowded cabin that was only accessible in the medium blue tree (see my Northstar dining room for more on this lunch option). This dining experience would not be an option for our children at the current level.

We also had time to take an elevator, taste Northstar’s free daily champagne, plus an East Ridge tour. 14.00. A short stay with my family with dinner and other activities at the resort helped the rest of the weekend, so much more!

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