Your Guide to Having the Best Virtual Reunion with Your Friends

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Parties with friends or reunions are always fun to have but owing to the modern-day situation where everyone is located somewhere else or people are always busy in their lives it becomes difficult to plan a reunion with a friend. However, you can always connect with each other over the internet. So if you are worried about not being able to meet your friends simply because of the time difference or other factors, you can plan a virtual reunion over the internet itself.

You can make all the arrangements with your phone itself wherein you can shop for party attire or costumes in case of a theme-based reunion party.

You can also order a new year’s cake online for your celebration and have fun with your friends. Given below are some ideas for having a fun virtual reunion.

Ideas For Virtual Reunion

Virtual Reunion Ideas

1. Enjoy Tambola Together

Well, you can not enjoy the Gully Cricket or the Street Football that you used to play with your schoolmate or the street friends. However, you can always have a game of Tambola anywhere you go, Or even if you don’t go anywhere at all.

You can enjoy a game of virtual Tambola while having a virtual reunion with your friends. Although it would require a little more effort than usual to conduct the game of Tambola over zoom call, it is worth the effort. 

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2. Have a Game of Dumb Charades

Well, you are meeting your school friends but you are not in the same old school setting wherein you are supposed to maintain the decorum of the school and behave well while taking care of the rules and regulations.

So here at your virtual reunion party, you guys can create all the fuss that you want. you guys can shout and dance or do whatever you want to. so why not have a game of dumb charades? It will surely be fun. 

3. Party Over the Internet

All thanks to the lockdown, we have been accustomed to attending every sort of meeting over the internet itself. Be it a serious webinar related to your work or a refreshing comedy open Mic with the famous stand-up comics, we have the experience of all.

So why not conduct a virtual reunion and have a virtual Party as well? You guys can get dressed up in your best attires and then play your music at your place and dance to the beats while enjoying yourself with your friends over the internet. 

4. A Virtual Antakshari

Antakshari has always been fun. no matter how many people are involved in it. You too can have the fun of antakshari in the virtual reunion that you are planning to have with your friends.

It will surely be fun if you guys can sing your favorite song and also dance to them. To make it more interesting, you can choose some special prizes or awards for the winners. 

5. Virtual DJ Night

Now that it is not safe to step out and be a part of the crowd and party with all your friends together then you can switch to the internet and have a virtual DJ night with your friends.

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Just get the mood right and choose the lighting of your room then start dancing to the beats of the song, whichever you like. The best part is that no one is around you to judge you for your moves.

So even if you don’t know how to dance you can dance and enjoy it. 

6. Reunion cake

Now that it’s a reunion, it must also be accompanied by something sweet. So why not get a lovely reunion cake as well? The best part is that only you get to eat it. you do not have to share it with the other friends that are there at the party.

So you can order Christmas cake online for yourself and ask your other friends to do the same. Then all of you can cut their cakes together in the virtual reunion itself and relish the taste of the delicious cake. 

7. Storytelling over the reunion

Reunion can be about anything. you need not have dance, music, and drinks. You can also have a reunion over a tea party with your friends and you can share sweet stories of your college time.

Many of you might have stories that you could never share with your friends. Now is the time to do so! You can organize a virtual meetup with your friends and enjoy storytelling sessions with them.

End Note

We are pretty sure that you are eagerly looking forward to meeting your friends again and remembering the old times again. so get your party mode on and have a nice time with your friends over a virtual reunion.

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