Guidelines For Contribution

Answer watcher is a question-based blog where submission will be accepted if you will fulfill the below requirements. If you will not send us the articles as per our guidelines it will not be entertained.


Type of Article

1. We accept only technology and business-related topics.

2. Content should be SEO friendly.

3. Topics should be Question-based which means that it should start with Why, What, Does, Is, Do, etc.

4. We also accept how-to and top list topics.

5. Must include meta description in your article of 160 characters including focus keyword.

6. The topic should be creative and not too lengthy.

7. Mandatory to include minimum of 2 FAQs as per topic.

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1. Royalty-free featured image is mandatory. The size should be 910*575 pixels.

2. Inner Image size should be 900*400 pixels

Lenght of the Article

1. The article should be of 800+ for 1- Dofollow links.

2. The article should be of 1200+ for 2 or 3 Dofollow links.

Author Details

1. Author Bio minimum of 500 characters.

2. Email id of author or contributor which is linked with gravatar.

3. Author Social links (Optional).

Publishing Time

Reviewing the article publishing is totally depends on the Queue. Even though it will take a maximum of 2-3 days.

What We Charge

1. We do not charge anything as the submission is free of cost.

2. Promotional content will chargeable and tagged as sponsored.

3. Instant Publish will be chargeable.

Reason Behind Rejection

1. We do not accept articles related to CBD, Dating, casino, sex, porn, gambling, adult content, racism, etc.

2. Duplicate content or already published content on another website.

3. Poor readability content.

What Benefits You Will Get

1. You will get a link back to your website.

2. Authors will be Renowned as an Author in your content.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Answer Watcher team is always available to solve all your queries.