What Are the Top New Technologies Emerging in the Education Industry?

New Technology in Education

Education is the foundation of any country which is further charged up by educational based technology. The education industry from the last few years is witnessing a change in the pattern of teaching, learning, and explaining things in a more technological way. 

With so many technologies entering the education system, the method of educating a student is also transforming. It’s now more clear, more transparent, and more practical through the additions of several new technologies in the education domain. Students today can simply experience the real-life situation through a virtual classroom to understand how things look and feel in reality- a concept made through adding new technology in education. 

Here are a few facts & figures showcasing the importance of education and the education industry globally- 

  • The U.S. education market is expected to reach an approximate amount of USD 2,040 billion by the end of 2026
  • Online education in the U.S. is expected to push the growth of the education market
  • Cloud-based education solutions are capable of providing higher benefits over an on-premise solution like improved accessibility, faster deployment, lower startup costs along enhanced data security for a higher growth rate
  • Content which is based on video in the U.S. education industry is estimated to account for a higher CAGR of 5.1% from 2018 to 2026
  • It is seen that video-based content will be adopted by a major number of countries as it facilitates faster thinking while improving problem-solving skills, and simultaneously reducing the training time and cost

These are a few stats showcasing the potential of technology in the educational domain other than the domains like finance, health, automation, delivery, and others. 

Here in this blog, we will be showcasing to you how technology has greatly affected the educational domain via top technologies. So, without further ado, let’s get started with new technology in education and the role of a better tomorrow. 

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Top Technologies Emerging in the Education Industry

New Technology in Education Industry

1. 3D Printing Technology

One of the very first and new technology in education is 3D printing technology. It is as the name suggests is capable of letting one create anything from artificial organs, things, and automobile parts. It has seen quite impressive growth in the education domain. 

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When integrating the technology into the classroom, it creates a hands-on model encouraging students to interact and investigate things more smartly. 

2. Virtual Reality

After entering various domains, VR has entered the education section as a new technology in education has made students experience real-life things virtually. Take for example- virtual trips, science tours, and others can be experienced while sitting in the classroom with the feel of the real-life world.

3. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is capable of storing, sharing, and accessing information from any device connected to the internet. When adding this technology to the education domain, it is used for storing and sharing textbooks digitally, videos, lessons, and assignments easily. 

Other than that, the technology allows users to do a live chat with their friends, teachers, and other classmates. A new concept made into the education system is “flipped classrooms” that allows students to watch lectures before the actual class begins and later spend the class time engaging in group work, discussions, analytical activities, and others. 

4. Artificial Intelligence

The most important and widely used technology called Artificial intelligence is the king of all! Adding it to the educational sphere helps in automating feedback, grading, and other procedures swiftly while offering personalized learning opportunities and question papers too. 

AI is the top technology being integrated into several domains easing the tasks and other procedures smartly is now the most important part of education for a newer and smarter tomorrow. 

5. Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology in Education

When the above-mentioned technologies are part of the education domain, mobile technology can never get out of trend. Instead of banning mobile technologies, education-based mobile applications allow students and teachers both to ask/share chapters, lessons, and tests. These education-based applications allow teachers to mark students and also provide feedback in return. 

6. Gamification

Knowledge without fun results in suffocating the path of learning if not quick but gradually. Thus, the education domain for a better tomorrow and making learning even more fun and understandable, the concept of gamification is entering the domain. 

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Through technology, gamification adds fun to education, learning concepts, and chapters more clear, precise, and explanatory.

7. 5G

The top-notch wireless technology promised high speed, low latency wireless technology. It allows quicker downloads, increased browning speed, and transferring information faster than before. Education is one such domain that has seen a revolutionary change in its practice through 5G- new technology in education!.

Its integration into the educational structure, experiments with a holographic teacher helping students engage, and learning the chapters through connected devices. This majorly helps students who prefer the online side or students with international boundaries.


These are a few technologies that are making the educational domain more robust, swift, and effective and there are more in the list that is yet to be integrated. The new technology in education is capable of making students learn, adopt and adapt to the new world of transformation whereas, on the other hand, it is becoming easier for teachers to let the process of learning, teaching smoother, and smarter.

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1. What are the top technology trends in the educational domain?

The top technology trends of educational domains are widely made into several points- 
– Artificial Intelligence
– Virtual Reality
– Learning Analytics
– Gamification
– Smart Learning Environment
– Immersive learning
– Game theory
– Digital course materials

2. Is Technology going to change the educational sector fully?

If not totally, technology is definitely going to transform the method of learning, teaching, understanding, and getting ahead with education.

The technology today is stepping into the classroom and swiftly redefining the process of entire teaching and learning. It can be seen as a bolder and smarter step towards uplifting the student’s interest in learning. The technology strengthens student engagement while closely looking at resource management and financial plannings.

3. How has technology changed the education system?

By integrating technology into the education system and classrooms, the technology can offer better results, areas of understanding, chapters, lessons, and more to the students in an effective and quick manner while maintaining the standard and quality.

On the other hand, teachers can also evaluate the performance of the students other than taking lessons and letting even international students take sessions.

In short, technology can let things happen even more precisely without hindering the essence, experience, and effectiveness of physical classes.

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