Future of Digital Transformation: How Does It Look Like in the Future?

Digital Transformation

The changing technology landscape makes it imperative for businesses to keep up with the latest developments. The products you plan to release in days to come to get substantially influenced by the changes in the digital landscape. Your company might be left behind its peers if you fail to miss any particular trend like chatbots or 5G networks. Thus, if you are trying to prepare for the future, then it is necessary to keep track of the digital transformation trends.

But if you have missed out on the latest developments, then you need not worry as today we are going to take you through the biggest highlights which might have an impact on your business in days to come.

Virtual Business

Future of Digital Technology

In the modern era of physical distancing, people are trying to get even the simplest jobs done from the safety of their homes. From online talent management to virtually simulated conferences and events, the list of possibilities is actually endless.

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While it is easier for the technology-based companies to ride along with this wave of digital transformation, establishments dependent on physical contacts like government agencies, retailers, and restaurants are having a rough road to traverse. Even once the pandemic comes to an end, organizations are going to offer remote working facilities to boost up their employee’s morale and bring down the operational costs.

Enhanced Security Parameters

The shift to remote workstations is also making home users fall prey to cybersecurity issues as they are working with next to none protection. The cybercriminals are mostly targeting the small-scale businesses which find it impossible to bear the heavy expenses of recovering back from a ransomware attack.

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However, the future of digital technology surely looks bright as it promises to employ artificial intelligence in different cybersecurity software platforms to help with the discovery and proactive elimination of the threats.

Wi-Fi Expansion

The world is demanding faster and more reliable Wi-Fi and we can expect the same to show effect in the form of the new and improved Wi-Fi 6. This standard is being touted as the future of digital technology because of the improvement it brings in comparison to the standard 802.11ac connection especially in congested places like stadiums, public events, and inside large buildings.

The faster speed is promised by Wi-Fi 6 and this can tag along with massive improvements in the field of video streaming whether at work or play.

More Conversational Chatbots


IT leaders are desperately awaiting the arrival of second-generation chatbots to help with the process of digital transformation. The modern-day bots like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are somewhat conversational and its actually very easy to confuse them. If you ask them about the weather followed by a question like ‘what about next week?’ then the bot will still process the question to be related to weather.

But the infusion of higher-level artificial intelligence will allow these bots to engage in better conversations be it related to politics or current affairs. It is expected that bots are going to act more like humans in picking up conversations while making them more informative with anecdotes, statistics and even funny inferences.

More Affordable Social Media Analytics

A major component of this digital transformation journey is the inclusion of social media analytics as a part of the communication strategy of most modern-day companies. These business houses can easily bank on different tools for understanding the level of user engagement on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. However, these tools come with a hefty price tag which is expected to go down considerably in days to come.

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Advancement In Biometrics

A massive digital transformation is also being felt in the field of biometrics to keep hackers away from our devices and systems. This recent trend will rely more on fingerprint and facial recognition system to help users in logging into their devices in a secure manner. Biometrics is also coming to the assistance of companies trying to secure its interfaces and systems from the probability of data breaches.

Increased Feasibility Of 5G Network

5G debuted in various cities across the globe in 2019 and was fostered by mobile giants like Verizon who offered this faster and more reliable standard to the end users. This digital transformation shall pave the path for faster speeds especially in congested areas given its ability of handling extreme traffic without experiencing any drop-outs or slowdowns.

Final Words

Covid-19 has brought about a paradigm change in the way of conducting business. A study conducted recently on 1350 influencers and decision-makers spread around 19 global markets revealed that 30.7% businesses have already changed their IT policy to assist their employees in the work-from-model of modern times.

Brand new productivity and communication tools have been employed by 43.3% of businesses around the globe. Although this sudden shift is leading to a lot of panic and uncertainty amongst people, it is also paving the future of digital technology along the way.

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1. What is a digital transformation strategy?

This strategy establishes connections between the current and long-term plans. It requires proper integration and collaboration for accumulating the building blocks and overcoming the barriers which might come in the way.

2. What do you mean by digital transformation in business?

Digital transformation challenges the traditional concepts of IT in terms of controls and containment. It focuses on developing operational mindsets and new technologies which can bring greater speed and fluidity to all operations.

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