What Are the Factors to Consider While Buying Latest Mobile Gadgets?

Factors of Mobile Gadgets

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives as we are using it for communication, saving valuable data, taking pictures, and an array of other purposes. However, we need to consider several factors while purchasing the latest mobile gadgets. With a large number of options available in the market, making the end call might be a bit cumbersome. But you can still take the best step forward with the expert-approved factors listed down below.

Factors to Be Keep in Mind While Buying Mobile Gadgets

1. Durability

Build quality is one of the foremost factors to consider while purchasing mobile gadgets. The broad market of mobile phones can be roughly classified into three categories, namely – plastic, glass and metal. If you have a habit of dropping your phone every now and then, then it is advisable to opt for metal handsets. These models are specially crafted to resist fractures and dents while its glass peers will shatter the instant it drops.

2. Display

Mobilephone Display

If you undertake frequent photo and video editing work in your handset apart from streaming videos, then it’s ideal for your smartphone gadgets to have a display screen of 5.5 to 6 inches and a resolution of QHD or full-HD. Mobiles with display screens exceeding 6 inches come off as bulky. Regular users who use mobile phones for just surfing social media sites and emails should bring home a handset with HD resolution and a display of 5.5 inches.

3. Processor

The speed and ease of operation of the mobile gadgets are determined by their RAM and processor. Factors like UI, OS power, and bloatware cause variations in the processing power of smartphones. The processor speed is measured in Gigahertz. This is a crucial parameter to take into consideration while buying a smartphone.

If you are a heavy user who plays heavy games, engage in loads of editing work, and use the split-screen mode, then you will require phones with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820/821 or the Snapdragon 652 processor. Handsets with built-in MediaTek processors are perfect for light users.

3. Memory

Smartphones usually have two types of memory, one which is responsible for storing images, apps and the one which determines smoothness and speed of operation. Amateur users can make do with 2GB RAM and 16-32GB ROM. But if you have a tendency of relying on your smartphones gadgets for undertaking daily tasks, then you need at least 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM for multitasking, downloading large files and undertaking other elaborate functions.

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4. Operating System

Another important factor to consider while buying mobile gadgets is their operating system as the software versions undergo regular updates. The operating system has an important role to play in determining your overall experience of using the handset. This is why it becomes imperative to brush up on your mobile OS knowledge before making the purchase decision. The mobile phone market is saturated currently by two major operating systems, namely Android and IOS.

5. Security

Most of the modern-day mobile gadgets come with fingerprint sensors and face lock features. This is extremely helpful in maintaining confidential information and keeping up with different security parameters. We often store a variety of important information in our phone and thus it becomes necessary to look out for its safety provisions before purchasing the mobile gadgets. Ideally you should opt for smartphones having most advanced security attributes so that sensitive information doesn’t fall in the hands of the wrong people.

6. Battery Life

If you spend approximately six hours daily with your mobile gadgets, then you will require a handset with 3000mAh of battery. A standard battery of 2000mAH can also serve you well for regular usage. Active users, on the other hand, will require a mobile phone with at least 3500mAH battery or more. While battery durability depends totally on your usage level, you are bound to feel benefitted from a long-lasting battery.

7. Camera

Smartphones Gadgets Features

While determining the camera quality, people usually consider pixel size whereas in reality you need to look at its ISO levels, aperture and autofocus. Greater number of pixels do not always guarantee a better camera quality. However, they increase the picture size and make it look sharper even when viewed on the big screen. The expensive smartphones of modern days support low-light captures so that you can shoot excellent frames even in dimly lit surroundings. Thus, if you are a photography enthusiast, then you need to invest a bit for availing a good smartphone camera.

8. Storage

Both pre-installed applications and the operating system eat away a lion’s share of the smartphone’s storage space. A minimum of 32GB space is required if you keep just the simplest of apps in your mobile gadgets. However, you will require between 64 to 128GB of storage space if you are keen on downloading a variety of apps. Various modern-day handsets like that of Apple offer cloud storage so that you can benefit out of the extra space.

9. Price

If you are thinking of availing the mobile gadgets just for sending and receiving phone calls, then there is no point in investing on the costlier handsets.

Other Features

It is also imperative to carry out a comparison of the features you are getting after paying a particular sum of money. Some of these features are wireless charging, stereo speakers, 5G support and headphone jack. Stereo speakers, for example, can deliver a holistic video streaming experience. Handsets with front-facing speakers are a perfect pick for entertainment junkies as they can enjoy crystal clear audio quality even while using the phone in landscape mode. Type-C USB is always preferable as it is future proof and easy to plug in. Similarly, an intuitive user interface helps users in navigating easily while accessing everything readily at their fingertips.

Final Words

We have a tendency of spending around 5 hours browsing our smartphones. A big pool of options has originated coupled with rapidly evolving technology and this has offered people a variety of smartphones to choose from. Almost all of our daily functions from setting the morning alarm to scheduling the whole day’s events can be done using the smartphone. This is the reason why more and more smartphone manufacturers are coming up with unique products for catering to the diverse requirements of the user base.


1. Can smartphone gadgets make your life easier?

Yes, they can by helping you with everything ranging from communication to making payments.

2. Give some examples of the latest phone gadgets?

– Stylus for smartphones
– Gaming controller
– Foldable cell phone stand
– Fingertip microscope for smartphones
– Pocket projector
– Bluetooth speakers
– Magnetic smartphone holder
– Powerbank
– Wireless charging pad
– Wireless earbuds
– Bluetooth folding keyboard
– Universal cell phone compatible binocular

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